Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Visit to Candy Land

One day when I was walking by a local yogurt shop I saw a father and daughter.  I always get a little emotional when I see a dad with his daughter.  I guess it reminds me of the times when my dad and I would play cards together.  It was our special time.

What was so special to me about the observation of this father and daughter was the unspoken story they were telling....uninterrupted time with daddy playing Candy Land!  I walked away thinking, wow, that is neat. I hope I create memories like that where I slow down and really enjoy my kids.  Now, I've started my own tradition with my two little ones.  We periodically visit the same yogurt spot and while I try to convince my son to pick Candy Land he is convinced that Connect 4 is better!  Ha, I guess I'll wait until it's just girl time with my daughter.

When thinking about parties and fun things to create special occasion memories, I knew that Candy Land was next on my list.  So, check out some of the fun things I've created from Lollipop invitations, chocolate favors, birthday banners, party hats, cupcake toppers and more. 

Enjoy your journey to Candy Land!

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